Why This is My Last One (Part 1)

It was the most stressful one month of my life and it started with the scariest evening. Ever.
A few hours after arriving home from the airport and our 16 hours KUL-SIN-MNL flight, I started to bleed like crazy. Again. A few months earlier, I’ve been admitted twice in a hospital in Malaysia and have been subjected for almost two weeks of total bed rest. The pregnancy started out great and even when I was admitted to the hospital due to bleeding, I never had any reason to panic as my OB-Gyne reassured me it’s nothing to worry about–my placenta is just sitting a wee bit low. She gave me meds and a travel clearance so I went home as planned.
After the “bleeding like crazy” got crazier, my OB-Gyne primary-secondary school buddy told me to go to the nearest hospital. She does consults in the same hospital so she was able to refer me to an attending. After a few exchange of information, I was admitted and wheeled up to my own room. The attending arrived, checked on me, gave me a few meds…normal hospital procedures.
And then she comes back telling me I need to undergo an emergency C-section. I went cold and felt slight tremors run through my body. I was scared of the pain, of the operation and most of all, I’m scared whether my 31 weeks baby will ever survive the world outside my womb.

Note: This is the first part in a 3 part series called Why This is My Last One. You can read the second part here. I first had an idea writing about my “final” pregnancy in April 2014. I was constantly being admitted to the hospital and confined to total bed rest due to bleeding that for the last two trimesters of my pregnancy, I feared for mine and my unborn child’s life. I was a relatively healthy adult female with two previous normal childbirths. I never had any complications except for the threatened PLC (Premature Labor Contractions) with my second son which I was able to carry to term. April 2014 was also a milestone for the proponents of the RH Bill or Responsible Parenthood and Reproductive Health of 2012 (R.A. No. 10354) where the Supreme Court declared the law “constitutional” while striking down 8 provisions as “unconstitutional”. I am not Pro-RH Bill nor am I Anti-RH Bill but I am a firm believer of being a responsible parent. Being a responsible parent, I have to make sure I am healthy enough to care for my young sons even if it means giving up on hopes of having a daughter.


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