Beginnings and Endings

I’ve always believed that every ending is also a beginning. When a relationship end, another one begin in its place. When a career ends, another one commence. When someone dies, another person is being born somewhere. Nothing is left void.

So when I was given the pink slip at the company I worked for almost 9 years, I was at lost. I felt bad, relieved and confused–all at the same time. I remember the time when there was a massive layoff. Some of my colleagues were being called to the conference room and they all came out with a white envelope. They never report for work the following day and that’s how I dawned unto me that they must have been layed off.

I kept my composure the whole time my boss was talking to me. I tried to listen closely hoping to hear a note of regret but heard none. I was half listening and half figuring out a plan towards the end of discussion. I need a plan. I have mortgages to pay and kids to feed, clothe and sheltered.

I remembered an ex-colleague who is now part of a management and got in touch with her. I also realized that I finally have time to do the things I’ve been putting off for a long time. The ex-colleague gave my details to her boss and her boss called me up to arrange a meeting. Wow, that was quick!

That very same week, I received another opportunity. It really pays to be nice and accommodating to clients and prospects–they always remember you. Now the problem is not “not having anything to do” but “not having enough time to do the things you want to do.”

I was bored with my life, feeling the strain of daily routine taking its toll on me. Suddenly, God banged some doors to wake me up from my mental slumber. I was going through my daily work in a sub-catatonic state then suddenly, wham! I needed this chapter to end. I would never have done it myself for fear of the unknown. I would never have thought of handing out a resignation letter. If it weren’t for the pink slip, I wouldn’t get excited for work once again.

Sometimes we needed some things to end abruptly to wake us up to making a fresh start. Remember, nothing is left void.


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