Walking Dead and Surviving Zombie Apocalypse

Jason and I are big fans of the AMC’s The Walking Dead series. Well, honestly, the whole zombie-vampire-apocalypse genre of TV viewing. Just recently, we started following yet another zombie-infested TV series by Syfy called Z Nation. An original series by FX, The Strain, shows another take on the vampire genre by combining science with the occult. Writers are getting more creative in putting realism into their story lines that you wonder exactly how much truth there is in fiction.

With the advent of The Walking Dead’s 5th season on October 12, it’s only fitting we look back and remember how Rick Grimes and his raggedy band of unique individuals survived all 4 seasons. Jason and I will sometimes discuss how we can prepare for a zombie apocalypse—in a serious manner. You never know when these survival tips might come in handy.

  1. Stay in pack.

There’s strength in numbers. Even nature and the rest of the lesser species know that. Even the walkers know that. Rick started out alone in the series but eventually found his family safe and sound—together with a whole bunch of people trying to stay alive in a zombie infested America (Season 1). Even if Rick’s group split up after being overrun by zombies (Season 4), they are still in groups of 5s, 3s or 2s or formed alliances with new groups. If a horde of walkers attack you, at least you got someone covering your back or the rest of the limbs.

  1. Stay alert.

90% of the time, people dying in the series died because they weren’t alert. They even manage to lounge outside in an open environment, leave their kids out to play in the mud unknowingly digging out a walker stuck in the mud. I mean, seriously, how could they? I spent the entire scene in terror for the child and outrage for her mother (Season 4).

  1. Never trust easily.

It’s an “every man for himself” kind of world. Don’t expect kindness from anyone—even if they’re doing their best efforts to make you feel safe, comforted. Look what happened to Andrea? She’s my least favorite character so forgive the bias. She fell so easily to the wiles of the Governor (Season 3). Of course, it doesn’t help that the man is handsome. But how can you trust anyone with a one-eye patch? I won’t. Unless he’s a bald black man whose last name is Fury, don’t trust a guy with a one-eye patch.

  1. Be resourceful.

Don’t be ashamed to become a scavenger or a farmer—if you find a safe and highly secured haven to settle in. Communication will be reduced to primitive ways: hand-held analogue radio and messages written in blood. Stock up on DIYs now while they’re still all the rage.

  1. See the positive in the negative.

It’s not ALL bad. On a normal day, a prison cell will be the least place you would want to be. In a zombie apocalyptic world, behind bars is the safest place to be (Season 3).

  1. Aim for the head.

We all know how to kill the walkers. Even in Z Nation, it’s the only way of killing it. Don’t waste energy or ammo hitting the rest of the zombie body parts. Take one shot, just one. Aim for the head.

Thanks to Walking Dead, we all know what to do when the time comes. Let’s not make stupid mistakes all the dead characters did.